Aug 26, 2008


I was trying to wait to post about my weekend until I uploaded all my pictures from the fair but as you can see I still haven't uploaded them.. I thought I would just post something quick.
The fair was a lot of fun. I didn't eat everything from my list because I was scared of what my tummy might do if I did. I am going back on Friday because I didn't get to see, do or eat as much as I would like to.
I will try and upload pics tonight and post them tomorrow and more about the weekend.

To be continued.....


Kristi said...

As much as I ate, I didn't really get any of things that I wanted either....all that meat was E's choice! But I figure I could do without a million carbs or fried things. I will get all that stuff on Friday!

Helm said...

thanks for letting me down...awesome