Aug 18, 2008

My Weekend


Saturday morning I headed over to pick up my Sister and my Niece Jess to go up to the cabin for the Carlton County Fair. Once we got up there we hung out in the water until we headed to the fair. Here are pics from the fair.

Jess and the baby cows

My Great Grandma Gooler was married in this church in 1932

This is posted in the school house. 5 paragraphs down they mention my Grandma's wedding.

Baby Tony hanging out

This guy had a wood burning stand. I had to take a picture of this because not only is this my name but it also my b-day. April 18th. It happened to be the guy's address. SO STRANGE!!
Here is my Brother Jason, my Niece Jess and my Cousin Ryan playing the ring toss game.

My Grandma and Jess

My SIL Lori and Tony hanging out

After we got back to the cabin from the fair we just hung out. I headed to bed around 9 and the fam hung out at the fire until 12:30 am. My Sister and I were staying in the small spare cabin. Around 12:30 I text my sister and asked her if she could bring me my water when she came to bed because I felt very ill. She brought me my water and then the fun started. My sister got me a garbage can and I proceed to be sick until 2 pm the next day. My poor Sister was up all night having to listen to me throw up over and over in the trash can. I was able to sleep a few hours and then I would wake up and get sick. I am sure you are so happy to hear the details but I couldn't even keep water down.

Around 2 pm my sister thought we should make a break for home. She loaded up the truck and got me into the truck with a garbage bag just in case. She brought me home, got me into bed, gave me a garbage can and then text me every hour to make sure I was ok.

I can't even tell you how miserable I was and if it wasn't for my sister I don't know what I would have done. She was amazing. I give her a hard time a lot but everything she did for me will never be forgotten.

That was my weekend.


Amy said...

I hope you are feeling better by now - it stinks to feel that way!

Kristi said...

Pukey, pukey= NO FUN Poor baby!
That sign that man had with your bday and name is too weird!!

Deidre said...

Hope you're feeling better.