Sep 16, 2008

17 Week Photo

Today marks my 17th week and I thought I would post a picture. I feel fat and ugly but I know I will regret not documenting this.

I was alone tonight so I did the best I could taking these pics of myself.


Kristi said...

Its REAL!!!!!! So excited for you to be a mommy!
Come over on Friday :)

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Awww! Momma - you look so cute! And great at 17 weeks. I remember feeling that exact same way during each of my pregnancies, and while I haven't entirely forgetten the uncomfortableness that comes with pregnancy, seeing my kids run around and hearing them giggle each and everyday makes it all bearable.

(Check out when you get a chance - though not at work!)

Michelle Leigh said...

You are soooo not fat and gross! I think you look great. My belly at 17 weeks was huge! I can't believe you are already almost half way there! Crazy.

Robyn said...

you are looking good girl.

Dana Leigh said...

Exciting! That is how I feel my stomach looks every day and I'm not even pregnant! :) Enjoy your journey!