Sep 5, 2008

Happy Friday! Enjoy my random ranting.

First off I just want to throw out there that last night I made THE BEST CHOW MEIN!! No lie!!

This weekend I promise to upload pictures. I’ve been told by Helmey that if I don’t I suck. It is sorta sad how lazy one can get when she is with child. I am, however starting to get my energy back. YAY for second trimester!! I am also less annoyed and less crabby. Man it was a hard 3 months.

I will say that it is a hard thing to swallow when your friend’s that are single and without children slowly start to fade away. I was told that it would happen but I guess I didn’t believe it until now. It is also crazy to me how your core group will always be there. There are 5 of us and we have been friends since childhood. I thank god everyday for each and every one of them.
Me, Lanee, Mary, Sonja and Kristi

Speaking of my girls tonight is our monthly dinner. We will all be gathering at Mary’s to make individual pizzas. Kristi says that she is going to take a belly shot of me.. Hmm I am not too sure about that Kristi Kris.
I think B is going to head over to Roger and lanee’s house to hang out with Roger (Lanee’s Hubby) and Troy (Mary’s hubby). They are lost without us. HAHA

I really want to head out to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow. It’s a close second on my list of things I love. The State Fair being number one of course..
I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Mary said...

Do the belly shots! You'll be glad that you did later........they are fun to look at :) I only have about 2 from my first baby and wish I had more. I'm doing better this time around. Glad you are getting your energy back.......wish I'd get mine back.
Have a great weekend :)

Kristi said...

I am taking a belly shot (no one needs to see it other than YOU!!) because you are going to want to document the process. Remember when i did that for Mary and Sonja???
I kind of feel like crap today but I am still looking forward to our monthly dinner together. I love you girls!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kristi and Mary - I occassionally dig my belly shots out, and not only wish I had more, but marvel at the fact that what was once inside of me is now running around destroying my house!

And friendships become a little trickier after kids . . . I wish I could say that I have stayed friends with my childless friends, but I haven't - my life as become so much different from theirs and it just got to hard for either one of us to understand the other.