Sep 18, 2008


My TFT isn't really a TFT.. I just wanted some help with a new title for my blog. Just me just doesn't seem like a good title anymore since I have another human inside me.. Any ideas?

Also I have the BIG ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will find out what it is.


Dana Leigh said...

how 'bout "Just Me...and it's soon to be We!"
I'm not creative at all. This is coming from someone who's blog title is "My Everyday Life". CLEVER, HUH?

Anonymous said...

I will put on my thinking cap! And good luck tomorrow - open those legs baby! (That would be the baby, not you - just to be clear.)

Michelle Leigh said...

I'm not good at coming up with titles, but wanted to wish you good luck today! I hope he or she cooperates!

Kristi said...

How about "Moody Momma Moments"!!! Or "Berly, Brent and Baby"
I will keep thinking!