Sep 10, 2008

Half way there

We are half way to the weekend. YAY!!

People told me that I will have strange dreams while pregnant. Well last night was my first strange pregnancy dream. I dreamt that the doctor took the baby out of me to see what it was and then put it back in so I could carry the baby to term. WTF!! Oh by the way it was a boy.


Mary said...

Yup, I totally have wacky off the wall dreams too! In fact, that's one of the reason's I knew I was pregnant. I started having ridiculous dreams!
Yours was pretty funn!! ha ha ha

Kristi said...

What will you dream next??!!!
A boy would be fun! Especially with another boy cousin near his age :)
But of course I would love your little girl too!

Lori said...

Oh yes the crazy dreams. I remember having some pretty strange ones.
Listen to Kristi, a boy would be nice. Just think of the fun our sons would have growing up together.

Robyn said...

Hmm I wonder if you got a little guy in there.

Julie said...

I've had the same sort of dream. Mine they took out to make sure she was healthy then just popped her right back in like it was no big thing. At least once a week, I have a dream that I give birth to a baby the size of a toddler. One minute after birth I am holding her in my arms and the next minute she is running all over the hospital room.

Anonymous said...

Strange dream o yes!!!
Remind me and will tell you about them...

However this one is pretty easy to see that you really want to know what sex the baby is.... your brain just puts it in a way the kinda messes up the process...LOL

~your resident lurker