Sep 25, 2008


Since moving into my second trimester eating has become so much more enjoyable. I've talked about food in the past but my love for food has tripled since becoming pregnant. The first 3 months I was so sick and hated most foods but now that I am feeling better I have found my appetite again(boy how I've missed you). One good thing about my cravings is that usually I crave healthy things like fresh salads and fruit. I don't crave fast food and still feel guilty if I eat it. Most of my cravings come from a smell. Yesterday a guy at my work had cucumbers and now I am craving them so bad I won't stop thinking about then until I get them.

Here is a list of my top favs right now, it will change next week.

Fresh green peppers(I could eat a whole one by myself)
Fresh green beans
Olives olives olives (mostly black but I love the green ones too)
Chow mein with LOTS of celery (homemade)
Pickles (sweet and dill)

Tony loves sweet potatoes

What are some of your favorite foods or meals??


Mary said...

Glad you are feeling better and have your appetite back :) I wish my cravings were for good and healthy good! Junk Junk all I want all the time! Luckily I haven't gained very much at all so far but I'm afraid if I keep eating like this I'm going to balloon over night or something.

Helmet said...

Im going to have to go with crown royal

Kristi said...

You know me....I eat everything!! (except American cheese and olives)
My favorite foods are mostly ethnic foods....Mexican, Thai, Italian, Japanese.
Glad you got your appetite back! Don't forget to continue taking belly pics every 2 weeks or so to document your progress!

Michelle Leigh said...

Hmmm, now I'm hungry! I love broccoli cheddar soup, I am always craving that! I love pizza and cookies and cake too! Oh man, look what you've done!

Robyn said...

Wow, you crave actual healthy stuff. I craved ice cream my 3rd tri. But it was the dead heat of summer.
My daughter loved sweet potatoes too. I should start making them again.
I seriously need to step away from the chocolate.

Dana Leigh said...

I love tacos. They are probably my favorite. I like a lot of Asian food too. I really used to like Chinese and still do but once I started eating Thai and having the spice, Chinese food is sometimes boring. Let me know when you start getting weird cravings!

Amy said...

I am happy that you are feeling better. =) Hey, enjoy your food!