Sep 3, 2008

Labor Day

Ok so this is getting ridiculous. Last night I was sitting there doing nothing and I was like HMMM maybe you should upload your pictures and write about your trip to the fair.. Did I do it? Nope! I am just LAZY!! UGH I hate that about myself right now. So you will get my fair pictures and my trip to the fair in about a year.

Since I haven’t really blogged in FOREVER I will start with my Labor Day weekend. Friday I was going to go over to a friend’s house but I had really bad heartburn. I think it was heartburn; I’ve never had it before. Well whatever it was it wasn’t fun. Saturday B and I went to the fair again. It was super hot but as we got into the evening it was so nice. I will post pictures someday.

Sunday, I didn’t do much but just hang around the house. Monday I went to visit a very dear friend of mine that I haven’t seen in over a year. She and her partner had their second baby back in Nov and I still hadn’t seen her. That’s bad. They have two children Eli and Bella. I wished that I would have taken pictures. Bella has the biggest squeezable cheeks. She is a doll. Eli is 4 and I just can’t believe what a little man he has grown into. We went to one of favorite old hang outs the Chatterbox. We had lunch and played Nintendo. It was so nice to see them. Rachel gave me Bella’s old car seat. Thanks Rachel.

I am starting to show a little. I think it’s time to start taking pictures of my fat belly. UGH..


Kristi said...

I am taking photos of your baby belly on Friday whether you like it or not. My new nickname is Kristirazzi because of my photo skills!!!
Glad to hear Rachel and her family are doing so well! (This is the Rachel I know, right?!)

Robyn said...

girl, it's a baby not fat. Post some babybelly love.

Helmey said...

upload already!! If you dont do it tonight you suck!!!

Amy said...

Enjoy your baby shape!!! I hope you are feeling well. Take a pic every week or month!