Sep 8, 2008

Monthly Girls Dinner

Once a month my BFF's and I get together to make dinner. This is something that we started a few months ago to keep us all close. We have been friends since we just girls. It is very important that we all maintain our friendships and I am very proud of the fact that I have had such a close group of girls for so long. We have been through our teens, twenties, death, birth, marriage, pretty much everything. I have a special relationship with each and everyone of my girls.
Me, Mary, Lanee Sonja and Kristi Kris

Ok, enough of the emo stuff.. This stage of my pregnancy has made me more emotional and more loving. I will take this any day over the first 3 months where I was what I call a raging B*TCH. I didn't want to be touched or really even talked to. I was so sick and I really didn't know if I could take much more but I got through it and am feeling much better.

Ok so back to my girls night. Friday we all met at Mary's for pizza night. Although I love to cook it seems that a pattern of me watching everyone do all the work has started. That's bad.. Oh well. My girls love to cook too so I don't think they mind.

Sonja, Mary and Lanee chopping up all the pizza toppings.

Sonja and Lanee

Poor Kristi was on a time crunch to get a wedding video done for a wedding the next day. She is good at multitasking.
I had to take a picture of this because if you notice how much alcohol is in the blender compared to the margarita mix. That's Lanee for ya.. HAHA..
My yummy pizza!!!


Kristi said...

Ha Ha...I forgot about the margarita picture! LOL
It was fun, sorry I couldn't stay longer. I totally forgot to get your belly pic too, dammit!!

Robyn said...

That is great that you guys still do stuff together. What could be better than pizza yum.

Michelle Leigh said...

Now I'm hungry! That's great that you girls do this. I need to do this more with my friends!