Sep 7, 2008

State Fair

I just wanted to share some pictures from the MN State Fair.

Two trips to the fair and no cheese curds but plenty of pickles. I had deep fried pickles, pickles on a stick and pickle dogs. UMMMMM...

Brent and me on the sky ride. I love it you can see the entire fair.
I was trying to get a picture of the crowd

My Brother Jason and Niece Jess on the slide

Jess in the kids farm

Tony found his thumb at the fair this year
My Bro looking at the wall of shame. All these deer were killed by poachers.
Any one that knows me knows I don't eat pork because of my love for pigs. It's strange I know. but look how cute this little guy is.
My Brother eating a turkey leg. These things cost about 7 bucks.. He shared it with all of us. I don't think anyone can eat one by themselves.


Kristi said...

Those turkey legs are ginormous! Love the pic of you and Brent :)

Robyn said...

Ok deep fried pickles. I love pickles but... Were they any good?

Dana Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I had the deep fried pickles, thanks to your other blog introducing them to me and a pickle dog. They are both so good!

Michelle Leigh said...

I'd love to do the skyride some day, just not with the kiddos. Now I'm craving fair food again!